Produse si servicii

Cerealcom covers the following lines of services and products

Cerealcom Dolj collects and processes, throughout the year, grain and oilseeds from small local farmers, adapting the pricing policy to the market’s permanent fluctuations, so that farmers are constantly faced with the optimal price for the traded products.
Through 8 silos and 15 reception bases, the entire area in which Cerealcom Dolj operates is covered, thus facilitating the transfer of goods from the producer to the reception areas.

Each point of reception (both silos or reception bases) is equipped with modern laboratories that are fitted with the latest quality control tools, so that the products are analyzed from all the aspects of the product quality evaluation system.

Grains and seeds

Grain – wheat, corn
Oleaginous plants - sunflower seeds

In order to ensure an exceptional quality for its crops, Cerealcom Dolj plants, every year, significant lots of seeds from prestigious seed research institutions. In the spirit of responsibility towards the final production, Cerealcom Dolj finances its local partners with chemical fertilizers, along with grain and oleaginous plants seeds.

Logistic services

  • storage facilities. The Cerealcom Group owns modern silos, each of them having grain quality control laboratories. Every cell is equipped with product temperature control and monitoring systems.
  • transport - naval, railway, road. The group has the ability to deliver the production using road, railway and naval transportation. All Cerealcom’s silos are designed to permit the reception and delivery of goods by rail and road. In addition, the Calafat silo has a barge loading facility with a capacity of 250 t/h.

For the grain storage (of both own and trade provenience), the group has 8 silos and 15 reception bases, with a total capacity of 350.000 tons. Annually, the group trades 500.000 tons of grain. To ensure its independence in handling high volumes of grain, Cerealcom Dolj has created its own fleet - 40 trucks specialized in grain transportation.

Moreover, export grain deliveries can be made through railway transportation (the silos have a direct connection to the railway) or water - the group owns a 5000 tons silo in the Calafat port (Dolj County, Romania).