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Cerealcom Dolj is working with the largest milling and bakery companies in Romania, being the supply chain’s first point and ensuring the delivery of the production according to the highest standards.
As one of the most successful Romanian agribusiness, Cerealcom Dolj is responsible for giving Romanians the best raw materials for bread, one of the most consumed products in Romania.

Cerealcom Dolj is open and welcomes any client that shares the same business values ​​and vision.


Following a complex investment program, Cerealcom Dolj has developed a partnership with John Deere, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery.
The agricultural fleet owned by Cerealcom Dolj amounts to about 60 machines used in the cultivation of large areas of land. It incorporates the most advanced technology in the field, working as a system routed via satellite.

Other important partners are Cargill, the international provider of food products, agricultural products and services and risk management services, Bungee, a leader in the agribusiness and food industry, Alfred C. Toepfer, Ameropa and Expur.