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One of the biggest
Romanian agribusinesses

The Cerealcom group is one of the most successful Romanian agribusinesses. It includes four companies operating in the South Western part of Romania, covering the grain and oleaginous plants cultivation and commercialization both on the Romanian and international market, in countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Egypt.

By bringing together the expertise of those currently leading the group entities, delivering products and services of the highest standards and manifesting his own passion for agriculture, the entrepreneur Mihai Anghel made the Cerealcom group one of the top 3 producers and traders of Romanian agriculture.

Performance, Fairness

For Cerealcom Dolj, performance means competitiveness- serving clients’ needs with products and services at the best standards and prices.

Through well-organized logistics, continuous improvement, productivity and coherence between the company’s vision and the business model, Cerealcom Dolj addresses its customers’ needs in a quick, efficient and personalized manner.


Through its partners, Cerealcom Dolj incorporates the most advanced technology in its operational process, therefore becoming one of the largest and most modern Romanian agribusinesses.

Our partnerships imply respect, dedication and openness.
The cooperation between Cerealcom’s team and its partners brings together state-of-the-art expertise, flexibility and prompt responsiveness to market changes.

Respect, Responsibility

We show respect for the Earth through our responsible attitude towards working the land. We have an intuitive relationship with the land, the crops and the environment in which we evolve, and strongly believe in their synergy

Cerealcom Dolj meets the quality standards of the products and services, as well as those of the client and partner relationships, and becomes involved in these communities’ everyday life while contributing to their progress.

Company history

In 1999, the Romanian businessman Mihai Anghel bought Cerealcom, one of the approximately 40 similar units owned, at the time, by the Romanian state. Anghel heavily invested in the agricultural equipment used on the fields under his ownership and management which, over time, led to achieving an above average wheat production. In 2004, Cerealcom’s turnover reached 50 million EUR, while in 2011 the company's turnover exceeded 78 million EUR.

Cerealcom Dolj is the group’s biggest entity, trading approximately 400,000 tons of grain annually.


Mihai Anghel, the owner of the Cerealcom group and Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, began his career in agriculture fortuitously. After his university graduation in 1987, he began working at Dacia Pitesti. After the Romanian revolution in 1989, he started a business with spare parts for cars, which was followed by tires, spare parts for tractors and agricultural machinery trade. Since barters were often practiced, Anghel became in 1993 the owner of two tractors. With them, he began to perform agricultural services, along with trading the obtained grain. The golden opportunity was becoming clearer, so he gradually began to develop his business to the current level - one of the most successful Romanian agriculture businesses.
Mihai Anghel
Mihai Anghel

Among the assets of the Anghel family (Mihai and Cornelia Anghel) there is the Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea vineyard area, a historic area that was in the use of the Romanian Royal House since 1844.

The Cerealcom Group

The Cerealcom group, one of the top 3 grain producers and top 5 grain traders in Romania, consists of four companies operating in Romania’s South Western part, covering the following business segments:
  • Cerealcom Dolj – grain growing and selling;
  • Oltyre Craiova – grain and oleaginous plants growing;
  • Cervinia Segarcea – grain and leguminous plants growing;
  • Redias Redea - grain and leguminous plants growing.

Development plans

  • to increase the exploited surface to 40,000 hectares;;
  • to increase the transport capacity through the acquisition of 20 specialized grain transportation trucks, along with the modernization of the railway network that serves Cerealcom’s silos;
  • to increase the storage capacity by building 2 new silos, one with a capacity of 20,000 tons in the Bechet port, and the other one in Segarcea, with a capacity of 60,000 tons. The silo from the Danubian port Bechet will be designed to export goods, executing loading barges flow of 250 t/h

Figures and statistics

The production is obtained on 25 000 hectares, through 3 farms equipped with modern and efficient agricultural machinery.

Since 2011, following an investment of 15 million Euros, the Cerealcom Dolj mechanization park was equipped with 10 John Deere 9630 tractors, with 630 HP, 10 John Deere 680i harvester s, 10 John Deere 8335R tractors, along with soil processing and seeding machinery: 4 John Deere 1890 drills, with a width of 18 m, 4 John Deere DB80 weeding drills, with 32 Agrisem and John Deere rows, subsoilers and depth rippers, John Deere 637 discs with working width of 12 m, Strom combiners for seedbed preparation, with working width of 17 m, Kuhn plows with 13 furrows. The treatment and fertilization are made with the same kind of equipment - 4 John Deere 4930 units, with working width of 36 m.

These machines were added to the existing fleet of 10 John Deere 8320 tractors, 12 John Deere 9510 harvesters and other 4 Claas Lexion 570 harvesters. The cultivated fields allow, through their size, the use of equipment with large working widths, leading to the achievement of the agricultural work in optimal amounts of time. For example, in the fall of 2012, the 14,000 hectares of wheat were sown with 4 drills in 14 days (1,000 ha per day, with a norm of 250 ha per drill).

At harvest, the grain transfer from the harvester bunkers’ to the transport trucks is made with 10 Hawe grain trailers (capacity of 35 tons) and 10 Hawe grain trailers (capacity of 25 tons).

Thus, the efficiency of the agricultural activity is maximized - for both grain and oilseed crops.

  • For the grain storage (own production or obtained through trade), the group owns 8 silos (Banu Maracine, Leu, Segarcea, Portaresti, Bailesti, Motatei, Jiu, Calafat) and 15 reception bases (Murgasi, Mischii, Brabova, Scaiesti, Predesti, Dabuleni, Daneti, Rojiste, Bechet, Gangiova, Rast, Bistret, Poiana Mare, Smardan, Plenita) with a total capacity of 350,000 tons. The group annually trades 500,000 tons of grain, distributed both in the domestic and foreign markets, such as: Greece, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt.
  • To ensure its independence in handling high volumes of grain, Cerealcom Dolj has created its own fleet - 40 trucks specialized in grain transportation. Moreover, grain export deliveries can be made through railway transportation (the silos have a direct connection to the railway) or water - the group owns a 5000 tons silo in the Calafat port (Dolj County, Romania).
  • According to the latest balance sheet (2011), the group’s turnover was around 78.3 million Euros, up 30% since 2010. On the cultivated crops, the grain production is the equivalent of 150.000 tons of wheat.
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